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Hiking, Fat Tire Biking, and Pack Rafting to Knik Glacier

Knik Glacier Tours allows parking for non motorized adventurers attempting to visit the Knik Glacier under their own power. Here are some helpful tips for going it alone.


Parking is free with a donation box. We provide Knik Glacier trail acess, parking, security and an out house on our private land. Donations are appreciated.

Fat tire biking to Knik Glacier

Knik River usually freezes over in late November through March Allowing easy access to Knik Glacier.

Knik Glacier trail is 8 miles each way. If you ride around the lake it could be up to 25 mile round trip.

Beware riding around the face of the glacier. This can be deadly and dangerous.

Although rare the glacier can calve in the winter fracturing the surface ice of the lake.

Pack rafting and Hiking to the Knik Glacier

During the warmer months the Knik Glacier is easily accessed with a packrat or similar flotation device.

Trail begins at Knik Glacier tours office. Distance is 8 miles to the glacier with 2 water crossings.

The first crossing “Hunter Creek” is at the 1/2 mile mark. This creek can be forded easily in early and late summer and is about 2 feet deep.

Midsummer the river can get three and a half feet deep and may require a packrat to cross.

The second river crossing is at the 4 mile mark. Knik River is about 50 yds across and requires a pack raft at this point.

The final four miles is spectacular. A broad gravel bar with fields of flowers scent the air and the Knik looms huge in the distance.

If you choose to paddle in the lake around the icebergs “Beware” they are very unstable and unpredictable.

Icebergs can roll with no notice and water temperatures are approx 34 degrees.

When you're done at the glacier enjoy a class 1 float back to the halfway point and hike out.

You can also arrange a pickup at the Knik River bridge on the Old Glenn Hwy for a 5 to 6 hr 24 mile float.

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