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Knik Glacier Tours is proud to offer one of Alaska's most exciting day Tours.
We guarantee you an unforgettable day and hopefully the highlight of your Alaska adventure.

Tours all begin at our base camp office and campground 50 miles north of Anchorage.
Campground has spectacular scenery lots of wildlife and easy trails to glacier views.
Washroom and good water.
Camping is free with a tour. $10:00 per night without. No hook ups.




$100.00 Adult  $50.00 Child

Experience the thrill of flying on the water in our fully enclosed Jet boat  or Airboat.
We travel seven miles up the Knik River (approximately 1/2 hour) passing the occasional stray iceberg.
Keep your cameras ready as wildlife sightings are common.
As your captain approaches the Knik Glacier get ready to oooh! and ahhhh! as south central Alaska's most impressive icebergs will be there to greet you.
We navigate around the icebergs keeping a safe distance. (they occasionally roll).
The ice takes on different shapes and shades of blue that appear to be lit from within.
To the sound of cameras rewinding we pull ashore for a visit to GLACIER CAMP.
Our fully outfitted camp provides shelter during harsh weather and a front row seat to one of the greatest shows on earth.
Hiking opportunities abound  on the glaciers terminal moraine
Beautiful wildflowers adorn the shores of the iceberg filled lake.
If your a rock hound! You will love the areas geology.
This giant rock tumbler has tumbled up some truly beautiful gems.
Enjoy a complimentary hot drink and a snack from the camp kitchen.

Tour departs 10:00am and 2:00pm






$250.00 per person. Includes dinner and breakfast.
$225.00 Without  meals.

Our fully outfitted camp is ready to support an over night adventure or a month long film shoot.
Tent cabins are 8x71/2  sturdy Weatherports on raised wood platforms, basic but comfortable.
Extremely comfortable air beds, sleeping bags, pillows and liners are provided.
Chairs-picnic tables- bear proof food box and outhouse are provided.
Basic colman stoves and good old campfire cooking in our stone fire pit!
Drinking water and all the free ice you ever use.
A hearty picnic dinner and breakfast can be provided or bring your own food choice.
Three cabins share the kitchen and fire pit communal area.
Day tours also stop at 11am and 3pm  daily and utilize the communal area.
We provide you with a cooler with basic camping fare.
Your choice gourmet Burgers. Beef- Salmon-Bison or veggie burgers.
Salad chips and a desert. Smores, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Hot Cider, Water and Condiments.

Tours depart 2:00 pm
Tour returns  2:00 pm the following day.
















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Fly high above the spectacular Knik Valley. See the immensity of the natural wonders and grasp the awe inspiring size of Knik and her sister glaciers. There is nothing like seeing Alaska from a small bush plane. An experience you will never forget. Most flight seeing in Alaska requires Flight time between the airport and the glaciers or mountain scenery, wasting valuable fly time. When you take a flight out of glacier camp you are immediately rewarded with spectacular Alaskan scenery. With all things considered we feel this is the best flightseeing opportunity and value in Alaska. Add a flight to any of our tours.



Knik Glacier Tours is committed to providing you a personalized tour with long time Alaskan guides.

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It is our hope to provide you the experience of a lifetime and the highlight of your Alaskan adventure.


CALL: (907) 745- 1577  Cell Phone: (907) 354-5650

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